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Stratnet is a full-service enterprise consulting firm committed to helping our clients succeed. Our team of seasoned consultants offers leadership with a unique
depth of expertise. Stratnet's objective is to help clients achieve competency through effective knowledge transfer and mentoring.

Stratnet's services include Enterprise Strategic Consulting, Enterprise Program, Portfolio and Project Management Consulting and Enterprise IT Management Consulting including IT Service Management (ITSM).  Stratnet also provides various resources for all your enterprise needs.

With a 25-year track record of delivering numerous
successful projects to a wide range of public (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) and private sector clients, we have proven our ability to consistently deliver results one client, and one project at a time.

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Stratnet IGI is a fully Canadian owned and operated Managed Services firm with its head office in Ottawa, Ontario. Stratnet IGI provides specialized Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructures as a Service (IaaS) as well as Consulting and Technical Support services (CTSS) to its client.

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eCision Has Arrived!
As an executive, are you challenged with the selection of opportunities for your enterprise? Do you apply a standard process to select which opportunities you will fund and which one will not be funded?  Are you getting real time data on the development lifecycle of selected opportunities? If you answer no to any of the questions above,  Stratnet may have a solution for you.  To know more about eCision, click on eCision in the menu above.

Stratnet Blog
Posted on: Mar 05, 2011

Who is to Blame for Failed Projects - IT or the Business?
Before engaging in your next project, ask yourself - how can we ensure success? There is certainly enough empirical evidence to say that poor requirements contribute to the majority of project failures. Just look at these study conclusions published over a 13 year period beginning in 1995:

• “Requirements problems have been proven to contribute to 20-25% of all project failures. The average project overran its budget 189% and its schedule by 222%” — Chaos Report/The Standish Group 1995

• “Requirements Errors account for 70% to 85% of rework” — Liffingwell, 1997

• “Poor requirements account for 71% of project failures” — Grady, 1999

• “Between 40 and 60 per cent of all software defects can be attributed to bad requirements” — Abbott, 2001

• “Only 34% of projects expected

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Posted on: Feb 23, 2010

The Business Case for SaaS
What are the benefits related to moving your products from Asset-based to SaaS-based?

A friend looking to develop very specific software for his business, asked me recently what the big deal was with "this SaaS technology" and why should he use this form of development over traditional software. To him, the measure of success for his business was having "its own branded software that comes in a box and everything."

Eventually I persuaded him to get with the program using the following 7 points below.

The start is with the "obvious" benefits:

1. Richer user experience – SaaS apps bring Web 2.0 usability to the enterprise world through rich internet applications using Adobe Air, HTML 5, Microsoft Silverlight, and other tools.

2. Rapid implementation – SaaS applications focus on configuration and integration, not hard

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Blogger: Jean-Jacques Gauvin  


Posted on: Jul 08, 2009


By Michael G. Addario and Lloyd S. Weber

A software company successfully launched its first product in its market — a
groundbreaking application. The company received awards, sales picked up, and
a well-known entrepreneur invested fourteen million dollars in the venture. A
year later and out of money, the company desperately sought a buyer or merger
— unfortunately having rejected a $150 million buyout offer eight months earlier.
What happened?
Sales of software release 1.0 dried up because new versions of the product were

Millions of dollars of orders were in the pipeline, but the company could not
deliver the new versions. With its earlier success and infusion of cash, why couldn’t
this company deliver the software? It suffered from a common business

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Posted on: Jul 08, 2009

Stratnet’s ITIL Practice – The Business Case

Applying a disciplined approach to a basic maintenance plan is the optimum approach
to keep your car running efficiently and at peak performance, in both good and
not so good driving conditions. Getting regular oil changes and tune-ups, checking
the fluid levels, keeping the tires properly inflated, and other such tasks not
only will keep your car running smoothly, but also will lessen the chance of a
breakdown on a long journey.

Similarly, following best practices outlined in the IT Infrastructure Library
(ITIL) will help your IT organization run at peak performance and efficiency on
its journey through the current economic landscape.
It is not necessary to do everything ITIL covers and it is acceptable, often preferable,
for improvements to be made incrementally, based on business priorities.

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Blogger: Jean-Jacques Gauvin  


Posted on: Jul 08, 2009

5 reasons why your project planning may fall apart!
1. Scope unclear or undefined

In large organizations, senior management often over estimate the organization’s
capacity for change both in terms of willingness or ability. This error is often
compounded by an expectation that significant change can be achieved without dedicating
sufficient time and resources to studying the current process and carefully developing
the improved process based on the knowledge gained from the analysis. This is
typically manifested in slipped project milestones, added costs, and frustration
on the part of the enterprise the project management team, workers and customers.

2. Failure to develop and obtain sign-off on a sound business case or charter

Reasons for this failure vary. Perhaps the project team has obtained buy-in from
senior management and thinks that is all they need.

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Blogger: Jean-Jacques Gauvin  


Posted on: Jul 08, 2009

Discover Opportunity Manager
The world’s economy faces one of its most difficult challenge in almost a century. As a result, business and IT executives are taking an even greater focus on how to mitigate spending and improve the return on investments. To help our government and commercial clients, Stratnet’s Opportunity Manager is a solutions for tough economic times that produce the quick ROI clients need to deal immediately and directly with budget challenges, increased expenses and workforce reductions.

In tougher times, growth in outsourcing will increase, and clients are increasingly turning to Opportunity Manager’s managed service and/or facilitated service model, which are based upon certified quality processes that provides for consistency and security of service at the best value for clients. Stratnet also offers Consulting options and flexible contractual arrangements to adapt to and support its client’s needs and business objectives.

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Blogger: Jean-Jacques Gauvin  


Posted on: Jul 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Stratnet!

Stratnet is now 10 year old! Our anniversary also coincides with our new facilities in Orleans, Ontario and, of course, with this new Website. During the past 10 years, we successfully provided consulting services to over 170 clients in both the private and public sectors.
We have grown on the strength of the quality of our consultants and our internal approach. During that time, Stratnet has established itself as a full service consulting firm specialized in Strategic Planning, Enterprise Program, Portfolio and Project Management as well as Enterprise Service Management.
This year is also special as Stratnet is introducing Opportunity Manager (OM) to the Canadian market. OM is a web-enabled application that bridges the gap between organizational strategy and the successful management and delivery of projects thus effectively bridging enterprise strategy to execution.

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Stratnet Opportunities
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Senior Business Transformation Architect
Our government client is currently seeking a qualified candidate ...
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Project Manager
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::Ottawa - Jul 31, 2017
Senior Project Manager
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::Ottawa - Jul 17, 2017
Senior PM
1.0 Background The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) is the nuclear energy and ...
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::Ottawa - May 10, 2017
Business Analyst
1. SCOPE 1.1 The scope is to transfer and move DNDs 1,200+ business applications ...
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